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This first volume in the third series of the Great Migration Study Project contains new research to uncover the details of 129 immigrants with surnames beginning with A to Be who came to New England between 1636 and 1638 and appear in the Great Migration Directory. Sketches include details on origin, previous residences, migration, first residence, removes, return trips, occupation, church membership, freeman status, education, offices held, estate, birth, death, marriage, children, associations, and an expanded comments section. An appendix includes eight sketches that fall within the alphabetic range of the present volume but had been incorrectly dated or simply overlooked the first time around.

by Ian Watson
6 x 9 hardcover, 824 pages
Published by NEHGS in January 2024

List of sketches:
John Abbey 
Ferdinando Adams 
Henry Adams 
John Adams 
Robert Adams 
Francis Alcock 
George Aldrich 
Ellen Aldridge
John Alexander 
Trustrum Alger 
Bozoun Allen 
Elizabeth Allen 
Thomas Allen 
Walter Allen 
William Allen (arr. 1638) 
William Allen (arr. 1637) 
Edward Alleyn 
James Allin 
John Allin
Benedict Alvord 
Richard Alwood 
Anne Alxarson 
Mary Alxarson 
Joane Ames 
Roger Amidown 
John Amory 
Robert Anderson 
William Andrew 
Edward Andrews 
Henry Andrews 
John Andrews 
Mabel Andrews 
William Andrews 
Thomas Angell 
Edmond Angier 
Margaret Anglesey 
Giles Archer 
Henry Archer 
Godfrey Armitage 
Joseph Armitage 
Gregory Armstrong 
John Arnold 
Thomas Arnold 
Robert Ashley 
Thomas Ashley 
James Astwood 
Humphrey Atherton 
John Atwood 
Edmund Audley
_____ Austin 
Francis Austin 
Richard Austin 
William Averill 
Mathew Avery 
Richard Awards 
James Axey 
Samuel Ayers 
Isabel Babson 
Henry Bachelor 
John Bachelor 
Joseph Bachelor 
Andrew Bacon 
Rebecca Bacon 
John Bagley 
Francis Bailey 
Henry Bailey 
John Bailey 
Jonas Bailey 
Richard Bailey 
Robert Bailey 
Ann Baker 
Edward Baker 
John Baker 
Robert Baker 
William Baker (arr. 1636) 
William Baker (arr. 1638) 
John Baldwin 
Richard Baldwin 
Sarah Baldwin 
Sylvester Baldwin
_____ Bancroft 
Edward Banister 
Lydia Banks 
Thomas Banshott 
John Barber 
Richard Barber 
William Barber 
William Barden 
John Barker 
George Barlow 
Joshua Barnes 
Thomas Barnes (of Hartford)
Thomas Barnes (of Hingham) 
George Barrell 
Henry Bartholmew 
Richard Bartholmew 
Marmaduke Barton 
William Bateman 
Edward Bates 
Stephen Batson 
Christopher Batt 
Dorothy Batt 
Nicholas Battey 
William Baunche 
Daniel Baxter 
Richard Baxter 
Thomas Bayes 
Richard Beach 
Edward Beacham 
John Beale 
Philip Beare 
Richard Beare 
Austin Bearse 
Richard Beckley 
Richard Becon 
Thomas Beeder 
Richard Beefer 
Richard Beers 
Abraham Belknap 
Thomas Bell 
_____ Bemont 
John Benfield 
James Bennett (arr. 1636) 
James Bennett (arr. 1638) 
John Benson 
John Bent 
Ambrose Berry 
Edward Best 
Robert Betts 

1634 & 1635 arrivals included in Appendix: 
Judith Alward 
Samuel Appleton 
John Arratt 
Thomas Atkinson 
John Ault 
Bartholomew Barnard 
George Bates 
James Bennett  

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