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How has it come to pass that when retelling the story of one of the most iconic events in early colonial American history, the women involved have almost disappeared into the shadow of men?

Of the one-hundred-and-two passengers aboard the Mayflower during its momentous voyage of 1620, eighteen were adult women and all were married. Out of these, only four would remain alive to witness the event that has come to be known as the first Thanksgiving the following year. Disturbingly, until very recently we knew almost nothing about the lives of these gutsy women before that fateful voyage: where they were born, or even their maiden names.

The focus of this work is, firstly, to throw light upon the lives and struggles of all English women of that era in general. Secondly, in this same work, to then concentrate on understanding the background of those aboard the Mayflower who were Separatists. By doing so, I hope to bring readers a better understanding of the circumstances under which these particular women each came to their own faith and the important role that they played in the Separatist movement as a whole.

"An important book that delves into the neglected study of the lives and contributions of the women who helped shape the Pilgrim congregation and the Plymouth colony.”
Dr. Francis J. Bremer, author of One Small Candle: The Plymouth Puritans and the Beginnings of English New England (2020)

By Sue Allan

Published: 2020

Paperback, 106 Pages

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