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A Family Becoming American, Volume 5: McHardy

$ 25.00$ 49.95

By David W. Kruger, Foreword by David Allen Lambert July 2018 Hardcover; 738 pages, illustrated Bringing to light four families on which there is very little in print, award-winning author David...
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The Ancestry of Joseph Fletcher Parker

$ 20.00$ 35.00

Author: Marian Parker Congdon Joseph Fletcher Parker, a businessman and principal in the Duluth, Minnesota, wholesale grocery firm Rust, Parker & Co., traces his descent from Capt. James Parker, who...
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American Uprising The Untold Story of America s Largest Slave Revolt

$ 18.50$ 26.99

Author: Daniel RasmussenPublished: 2011 Hardcover, 276 pages “Breathtaking. [Rasmussen’s] scholarly detective work reveals a fascinating narrative of slavery and resistance, but it also tells us something about history itself—about how...
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A Family Becoming American, Volume 6: Polter

$ 25.00$ 44.95

David W. Kruger, Foreword by Christopher C. Child September 2018 Hardcover; 324 pages, illustrated Award-winning author David Watson Kruger continues to explore the heritage of four children of two brothers...
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The Tailors of Tomaszow: A Memoir of Polish Jews

$ 12.50$ 24.95

Seven decades after the Nazis annihilated the Jewish community of Tomaszow-Mazowiecki, Poland, comes a gripping eyewitness narrative told by one of the youngest survivors of the Holocaust, as well as...
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Finding Oprahs Roots Finding Your Own

$ 7.50$ 19.95

Author: Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Published: 2007 For Oprah, the path back to the past was emotion-filled and profoundly illuminating, connecting the narrative of her family to the larger American...
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Growing Up With the Country: Family, Race, and Nation After the Civil War

$ 20.00$ 38.00

Author: Kendra Field Published: 2018 Hardcover, 225 pages The masterful and poignant story of three African-American families who journeyed west after emancipation, by an award-winning scholar and descendant of the...
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The Abraham Family of Lengerich Germany and the Abrams Family of America with the Blodgett Ancestry of Eliza Jane (Blodgett) Abrams

$ 20.00$ 39.95

Author: Barbara Burt Brown, edited by Patricia Law Hatcher, FASG Published: 2008 This extensively researched genealogy is a moving tribute to an enterprising German-Jewish immigrant and his wife, a descendant...
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The Ancestry of Samuel Braley Gray and His Wife Bessie Pendleton Benson

$ 30.00$ 60.00

Author: Ruth Gray Published: 2006 A genealogical study covering the ancestry of Samuel Braley8 Gray (1881û1961) and Bessie Pendleton9 Benson (1882û1964) of Old Town and Bangor, ME, and their children...
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A Leader by Example, Harry Hoagland and the Dawn of American Venture Capital

$ 12.95$ 17.95

Author: Forewaord by Matthew R. SimmonsPublished: 2010 Harry Hoagland was the business mentor to some of America’s leading corporate heads in the 1980s and 1990s. His role in the emergence...
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The Ancestry of Samuel Braley Gray and His Wife Bessie Pendelton Benson

$ 25.00$ 55.00

Author: Ruth Gray Published: 2006 Hardcover, 793 pages
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The Clamorgans: One Family's History of Race in America

$ 10.00$ 35.00

Author: Julie Winch Published: 2011  Hardcover, 416 pages The Damning, Absurd, and Revelatory History of Race in America Told through the History of a Single Family Historian Julie Winch uses...
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