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Colonial life on the Georgia Coast

$ 5.00

Condition: Very Good; Softbound; 23 pages; Author: Nick Honerkamp

Inscriptions in the Unitarian Cemetery, Charleston, S.C.

$ 15.00

Condition: Good; Hardcover; 190 Pages; Author: Caroline Gilman; Published: 1860; Binding and cover well worn, One page loose of binding otherwise intact, pages yellowed with age and markings on inside...

Georgia's Land of the Golden Isles

$ 7.00

Condition: Very Good; Hardcover; 225 Pages; Author: Burnette Vanstory; Published: 1970; signed by Author

York Deeds, Book XVI

$ 25.00

Condition: Fair; Hardcover; Author: Henry Harrison Metcalf and Otis Grant Hammond; Published: 1908; Cover Torn and Worn, with traces of leather rot; corners and edges bumped, pages yellowed with age

The Heart of Monadnock

$ 8.00

Condition: Good; Hardcover; 146 Pages; Author: Elizabeth Weston Timlow; Published: 1910; Illustrated; Average Use, minor speckling on first two pages, pages yellowed with age

Louisbourg, An 18th Century Town

$ 5.00

Condition: Very Good; Softbound; 138 Pages; Author: A.J.B. Johnson, Kenneth Donovan, B.A. Balcom and Alex Storm; Published: 1991

Massachusetts: A Bibliography of Its History

$ 25.00

Condition: Fine; Hardcover; 583 Pages; Author: the Committee for a New England Bibliography ; edited by John D. Haskell, Jr ; Published: 1976, Volume I of Bibliographies of New England...

The Early History of Port Mouton [Nova Scotia]

$ 5.00

Condition: Good; Softbound; 14 Pages; Author: M. Marie Woodworth; Published: 1983; Signed by author

John Howland of the Mayflower, Volume I

$ 250.00

Condition: Fine; Hardcover; 714 Pages; Author: Elizabeth Pearson White; Published: 1990
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