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The Loyalists of Massachusetts, Their Memorials, Petitions and Claims

$ 31.50

Author:  E. Elfred Jones Published: 1995 reprint of a 1930 original Softcover:  365 pp. Condition:  Excellent This work contains the memorials, petitions, and claims of 501 Massachusetts Loyalists who removed to Canada as...

The Loyalists; Revolution, Exile, Settlement

$ 5.00

Condition: Very Good; Softbound; 280 Pages; Published: 1994Christopher Moore

The Macleans of Sweden

$ 50.00

Condition: Very Good; Hardcover; 62 Pages; Author: James N. M .Maclean; Published: 1971

The Maine Historical and Genealogical Recorder, Nine Volumes in Three, Volumes VII-IX

$ 40.00

Condition : Fine; Hardcover: Volumes VII-IX; Author: Edited by S. M. Watson; Published: 1973 reprint of 1884-1898 originals

The Maine Spencers. A history and genealogy, with mention of many associated families

$ 10.00

Condition :Very Good; Hardcover: 247 Pages; Author: W. D. Spencer; Published: undated reproduction of 1898 original; 1982

The Manual of Heraldry

$ 5.00

Condition: Good ;Hardcover; 142 Pages; Illustrated; Published 1924Francis J. Grant

The Massachusetts Directory; being the first part of the New-England Directory

$ 9.00

Condition: Fair; Hardcover; 198 Pages; Published: 1835 - Torn original Front page; ex-library copyJohn Hayward

The Massachusetts Tax Valuation List of 1771

$ 50.00

Condition: Very Good; Hardcover; xxi, 924 Pages; Published: 1998, 2nd Printingedited by Bettye Hobbs Pruitt.

The Mayflower

$ 5.00

Condition: Very Good; Hardcover; 392 Pages; Author: Kate Caffrey; Published: 1974; dust jacket slightly worn

The Mayflower 500: Five Hundred Notable Descendants of the Founding Families of the Mayflower

$ 59.95

The Mayflower 500 outlines the Mayflower descents of 585 figures in American history or contemporary life. Included are political, literary, or artistic figures; actors, actresses, or musicians; inventors; military officers;...
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