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Author: David W. Krüger
Published: October-09

A Family Becoming American, Volume 1: Krüger is a meticulous and exhaustive account of the Krüger, Utecht, Plegel, Wischnack, and Jacobsen families, tracing their nineteenth-century movement from West Prussia to New Hampshire, Iowa, Nebraska, and California, and brings them down to the present day. The author has used a myriad of sources in Europe and North America to trace the genealogical and personal history of these allied families, and in the process has produced a model publication, one covering vital statistics as well as the historical and personal backgrounds of his subjects. The book begins with a 100-page historical essay on the Krüger/Krueger/Kruger family in Germany and America, followed by genealogies of all known descendants, and concludes with appendixes on several allied families in Exeter, New Hampshire, whose history parallels that of the Krüger family.

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