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Winner of the 2020 National Genealogical Society Award for Excellence in the Genealogy and Family History category. The award recognizes a family history book that fosters scholarship and promotes excellence in genealogy. 

Members of the Le Caron and Sprague families and allied branches understood the importance of home, service, education, and professional dedication. The bold Henri Le Caron left home to serve in the American Civil War—but remaining loyal to his British roots, he then spied on Fenians planning to invade Canada. Earlier, the Massachusetts Spragues struggled to choose sides during the American Revolution. Many family members received a Harvard education and become doctors and merchants. Spragues sailed around the world pursuing the family business, and three generations served as U.S. Consuls in Gibraltar. This five-family study covers both those who strayed far and those who remained close to home.

Written by Kyle Hurst 

Published by NEHGS Newbury Street Press in January 2020

6 x 9 hardcover, 375 pages, illustrated

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