$ 64.95

By Patricia Law Hatcher, FASG, FGSP, and Kelvin L. Meyers
6 x 9 hardcover, 352 pages

This extensively researched genealogy traces the families from Prussia and France to America. From all parts of the southern United States, ancestors of Micajah and Lucy made their way to Texas, some of them arriving during the Republic years. The connections between the nineteenth-century immigrant families ancestral to Micajah Stokes Stude were forged in the substantial German community of Houston, where they made their mark. Micajah, grandson of the immigrants Henry Stude, Henriette Münker, Adolph Bertallot, and Emilie Ettlinger, married Lucy Agatha Binyon, whose ancestry was diversely Southern for many generations. Families covered: Stude, Bertallot, Ettlinger, Binyon, Turner, Howard, Manning, Orrick, Semmes, and Stone.

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