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Author: Helen Schatvet Ullmann
Published: November 2010

Accomplished genealogist and author Helen Schatvet Ullmann brings her keen eye to the descendants of John Mills, a shipwright of Stamford, Connecticut. Her interest in John Mills rose from her efforts to distinguish him from other Millses she has covered over the years. “Eventually it became clear that John was a newcomer to Stamford (the part that is now the town of Darien),” Ullmann writes, “and . . . it seems that he was probably, but unfortunately not certainly, a son of Robert Mills of York, Maine.” Many lines are traced forward into the early 20th century, often naming the children of daughters. For the most part, the men were shoemakers and trolley drivers, farmers, masons, and machinists, but a few became bankers and automobile dealers. Harriett (Mills) Merrill ran the Merrill Business College in Stamford. The book identifies many connections with other Fairfield County families.

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