$ 60.00

Author: Alvy Ray Smith
Published: 2006

This book is devoted to Bethuel Riggs, a Revolutionary War veteran and Baptist preacher and church founder, and to five generations of his and his wife Nancy Lee's family. Religion runs deep through this genealogy. Bethuel and Nancy's daughter Margaret married into the family of Elder John Corbly, another Revolutionary soldier and church-founding Regular Baptist minister. Bethuel's youngest son, Nathaniel, became an early Mormon. Bethuel and Nancy's children populated early Cincinnati and area (including northern Kentucky) via marriages to the Webb, Corbly, Armstrong, and Millspaugh families; the Lincoln County area of Missouri via marriages to the Smith, Sitton, and Turnbull families; parts of Texas via marriages to the Shaw, Gililland, and Webb families; and to Utah and adjoining states via the Mormon migration and marriages to the Boren, Kerby, and Mortenson families. The book makes large genealogical contributions to 75 surnames and minor contributions to over a thousand others. Mentions 1,128 descendants. Additions, corrections, and additional illustrations and appendixes at alvyray.com/Riggs/. Includes 35 illustrations, some in color; 11 appendixes; bibliography; full name index.

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