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Sue Allan’s tenacious pursuit of origins of the Mayflower passengers in England led us from Dorothy May Bradford’s family, to William White’s family in Wisbech, which in turn led to her assembling all the pieces necessary to solve the mystery of the origin of Mayflower passenger Susanna (Jackson) White Winslow – something researchers have been trying to puzzle out for many decades without success. The amazing conclusion that Susanna was the daughter of Richard Jackson of Braithwell (who married in Doncaster and later moved to Scrooby Manor) and who was among those directly tied to John Robinson and William Brewster’s separatist congregation, places this woman in the center of the history of the Pilgrims and the colonization of America. A woman whose maiden name was not even known up until last year, now has a complete biography assembled by Sue Allan that places Susanna in the middle of the entire Pilgrim story.

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Sue Allan’s In Search of Mayflower Pilgrim Susanna White-Winslow will inform and inspire all readers of Separatist (Pilgrim) history and especially her descendants. While it is neither dry nor boring, it is thoroughly researched and documented. Her William White and Edward Winslow descendants will equally appreciate the story of their Jackson ancestors. As a family historian and a descendant, I recommend her book and plan to buy multiple copies for my family. Alan Smith, Governor of the Pilgrim William White Society

This is an easy to read fact-filled book with new information previously unpublished… until now! With each page read, it was if you were present on the journey sifting through records and mentally visualizing their lives. This find is exciting for many family societies and rekindled the flame to search for more. When new lines are discovered, it is a special event. This publication is a monumental event! John Joseph White- Historian, Winslow Heritage Society.

By Sue Allan

Published: 2018

Paperback, 70 pages

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