$ 59.95

Author:James Maher

Published: 2006

Hardcover, 691 pages

Condition: Excellent

This fourth and final volume in Mr. Maher’s series brings the total number of notices abstracted to 52,850 marriages and 232,325 deaths. This volume also possesses a number of new or interesting features. Appended to the back of the data from the "Herald" are about a thousand death notices from the Fenian Irish newspaper, the "Phoenix," for the period June 4, 1859, to August 10, 1861. In many cases, the death notices indicate, besides the decedent’s name and date of death, his/her age and state of death, city and county of birth, and sometimes the names of his/her survivors. Among the "Herald's" death notices from states other than New York, 6,300 notices reference New Jersey, where many New Yorkers relocated during this period.

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