Michigan Biographies, Incl. Members of Congress, Elective State Officers, Justices of the Supreme Court, Members of the Michigan Legislature, Board of Regents of The University of Michigan, Etc., in 2 volumes

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Published: 1999 reprint of 1924 original

Paperback, 484 + 484 pages

Condition: Excellent

Assembled for the Michigan Historical Commission, this collection of sketches of some 2,000 of Michigan's distinguished sons from the arenas of the legislature, the courts, and education was conceived as an expansion of the 1888 publication, "Early History of Michigan with Biographies of State Officers, Members of Congress, Judges and Legislators." What is perhaps most genealogically interesting about this assemblage of elected and appointed officials is that even though Michigan achieved statehood as early as 1837, the overwhelming majority of the subjects of this volume were born in another state, with New York, Pennsylvania, the New England states, and the Province of Ontario in the ascendancy. Thus the volume could just as easily have been titled "Prominent Michiganders from Other Places."