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Originally published in 1910, Scotch Irish Pioneers offers a systematic treatment of the migration of the Scotch and English from the north of Ireland to the New World in the early 18th century. Bolton details the conditions in both Ireland  and New England prior to the group emigrating; the main players and ships involved in the movement; and ultimately where in America the Scotch Irish settled after arriving.

Appendixes include lists of ships from Ireland arriving in New England between 1714 and 1720; members of the Charitable Irish Society in Boston; existing vital records of towns in Ulster begun before 1755; home towns of Ulster families; and more. For  people of Scotch Irish descent, this book provides insight into the historical context of their ancestors’ early migration as well as resources to further their own genealogical research.

By Charles Knowles Bolton

Foreword by Marie Daly

Published: November 2013

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