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Do you want to find photos of your family but you are not sure where to go? Do you feel overwhelmed by internet searches? Maureen Taylor, “the Photo Detective” and author of Preserving Your Family Photographs and Family Photo Detective, guides you, step by step, through the many photo search options. She shares tips learned as a professional photo researcher, and directs you to the best photo archive websites and more. Whether you are searching for images or you want to share photos you already have, this book will show you how to:

• search for photos on websites such as the Library of Congress, Google Images, Bing, Flickr, eBay, and many more

• determine photo usage rights and permissions

• keep track of your research

• discover photographs of your family you never knew existed

You may be a family archivist, or an author seeking illustrations, or you may simply want to expand your knowledge of your ancestor’s past. Searching for Family History Photos: How to Get them Now! will guide you through the web’s rich repositories of family photographs and expand your collection for generations to come.

By Maureen A. Taylor

Published: 2014

paperback, 108 pages

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