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Author: Helen Schatvet Ullmann, CG, FASG

This new genealogy starts with John Sibley of Salem, Massachusetts, who emigrated from the Manor of Bradpole in Dorset. It continues with the family of his son Joseph, then Joseph's son Samuel, who moved with his brothers from Salem to Sutton, Massachusetts. It then treats Samuel's two youngest sons, Jeremiah and Benjamin, who moved to the Hardwick-Dana-Petersham-New Salem area of the commonwealth. Many descendants fanned out over the rest of New England and on west. Most of the later families are descendants of Benjamin's daughters, who bore surnames such as Bryant, Stone, Stearns, Cutler, and particularly Dennis. It identifies some 450 descendants, plus spouses and parents of spouses. Whereas earlier publications on this family are sketchily documented, Ullmann has done exhaustive research and has attempted to provide source citations for every fact.

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