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Author: Helen Schatvet Ullmann
Published: September 2012

Accomplished genealogist Helen Schatvet Ullmann traces her Billings ancestry from Roger Billings, who was born in England about 1620, immigrated to Massachusetts, and died at Dorchester in 1683. She presents the families of Roger’s son Ebenezer, his son Rev. Richard of Little Compton, Rhode Island, and his son Richard of Newport. She then treats five generations of the younger Richard’s descendants, who mostly remained in Rhode Island. A final chapter lists the known ancestors of the younger Richard and his wife Abigail Woodman, including Richard Warren and James Chilton of the Mayflower.

The book’s source citations, format, and explanations of family structure stand as excellent examples for any genealogist.

—National Genealogical Society Quarterly  

Winner of the 2013 National Genealogical Society's Award for Excellence: Genealogy and Family History.

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