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Author: Researched by Helen Marion (Locke) Wright, Edited and updated by Aaron Goodwin, Patricia Law Hatcher, FASG, FGSP, and Michael J. Leclerc
Published: August 2011

This family history presents more than one thousand ancestors of Helen Marion (Locke) Wright in ahnentafel format. Complete with documentation, one line goes as far back as her 15th great-grandparents. Most of the ancestry is English, with two Mayflower lines and many Great Migration lines, plus numerous later immigrants to New England. Through her maternal Hench line from Pennsylvania and New York, Mrs. Wright’s ancestry includes German and Irish roots, as well as ancestry in the Netherlands from the late 1600s.

The book also includes a section developed by John Locke on the descendants of Mrs. Wright's parents, Richard Foss Locke, Sr., and Grace Taylor Hench, which lists twelve children, forty-one grandchildren, seventy-six great-grandchildren, and almost seventy great-great-grandchildren.

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