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The years 1634 and 1635 were watershed years for New England immigration, representing as much as 20% of the total for the period 1620–1640. This now-complete seven-volume set provides profiles of more than 1,400 early New England immigrants. Each volume includes a discussion on the methods and sources used, more than 200 genealogical sketches, and comprehensive every-name and place indexes. 1999–2011

Some of the names included in this volume: Thomas Rawlins, Thurstan Raynor, William Read, Joseph Redknap, Robert Reynolds, Richard Rice, Nicholas Robbins, James Rogers, Thomas Rogers, Robert Rose, John Ruggles, William Ruscoe, John Russell, Michael Sallowes, Thomas Sanford, John Saunders, Martin Saunders, Thomas Savage, William Scadlock, Richard Scott, Thomas Scott, Thomasine Scottow, Thomas Scruggs, John Scudder, Matthew Sension, Henry Sewall, Ralph Shepard, Thomas Shepard, Edmund Sherman, Richard Sherman, Thomas Sherwood, Francis Smith, James Smith, Samuel Smith, Jared Spencer, Thomas Stanton, Comfort Starr, Henry Stevens, John Stockbridge, George Stocking, Gregory Stone, Simon Stone, John Stream, John Strong, William Sumner, Richard Swain, William Swain, Thomas Swift, William Swift, Zachariah Symmes

Author: Robert Charles Anderson

Published: Mid-September 2009 by NEHGS; 6 x 9 hardcover, varying page counts, prices below 

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