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Tracing your Leitrim  Ancestors is a comprehensive guide to research on the families of county Leitrim, Ireland. It sets out the records available, where they can be accessed both on-line and in archives, and how the available records can be used to best effect in genealogical or family history research.  It is fully indexed, richly illustrated with examples of the records available, and contains links to a wide range of on-line resources.

Leitrim is one of the smaller Irish counties.  In 1791 it was estimated to contain only 10,026 homes.  In 1841 it had 155,000 residents, but this had dropped to 112,000 by 1851.   The Great Famine and resulting economic depression caused huge emigration from the county which continued up until recent times. The current population  is 32,000 but growing.  Leitrim families are mainly Gaelic in origin and include O’Rourke, McClancy, O’Meehan, McRannal (often anglicised as Reynolds), McMorrow, Flynn, McLoughlin, Kelly, Gallagher, McKiernan, Rooney, Moran, McGowan and McSharry.

By Tom Coughlan

Published: 2018

Paperback, 160 pages

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