$ 49.50

Author:  Thomas E. Spencer

Published: 2001 reprint of a 1998 original

Softcover, 627 pp.

Condition:  Very Good

This book will help you to locate the final resting place of more than 20,000 notable persons who were either buried or cremated in the United States. Arranged by subject category and thereunder alphabetically, "Where They're Buried" is a goliath of a work that catalogues deceased celebrities from all walks of life: from business leaders, inventors and sculptors to federal office holders, governors and mayors; from artists, editors and attorneys to physicians, musicians and military officers; and from actors, ball players and cartoonists to chemists, choreographers and movie directors. There is even a Rogue's Gallery of assassins, desperados, racketeers, spies, and counterspies. While Mr. Spencer does not attest to having included every notable American of bygone days, he can certainly claim to have broken the ice by canvassing, as he has, notable figures in American history from the colonial period to 1997. Where elected officials are concerned he can certainly claim to have done even more than that, inasmuch as a full third of the book lists their resting places.

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