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The First Puritan Settlers of Connecticut

$ 26.95

Compiled by Royal Ralph Hinman, Secretary of the State of Connecticut from 1825 to 1842, this listing of Connecticut settlers includes for many the time of their arrival in the...

New Englanders in the 1600s: A Guide to Genealogical Research Published Between 1980 and 2010 (Expanded Edition)

$ 21.95

This expanded edition of the bestselling New Englanders in the 1600s offers researchers an even more comprehensive source for finding the most recent genealogical writing about seventeenth-century New England families. The...

Portable Genealogist: Seventeenth-Century New England Research

$ 7.95

Prior to 1700, the European population of New England was still sufficiently small and compact enough to be manageable from a genealogical standpoint. In many cases, town vital records, church,...

Genealogical Notes: First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts

$ 24.95

Originally published in 1856, this is an essential resource for anyone with early Connecticut and Massachusetts ancestry. It presents compiled genealogical notes for more than 40 families, through the fourth...
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Stamford Town Records: Volume 1, 1641–1723

$ 18.00$ 34.95

All genealogical research depends on authentic vital and historical records. Researchers of Stamford, Connecticut, an important New England town founded in 1641, have long depended on flawed transcriptions and abstracts...
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Hartford County, Connecticut, Court Minutes Volumes 3 and 4

$ 10.00$ 19.00

This volume continues where the “Records of the Particular Court of Connecticut”, published in 1928, left off in April 1663. At first the court is sometimes a “Particular Court”, sometimes...

Colony of Connecticut Minutes of the Court of Assistants, 1669–1711 (Softcover)

$ 24.95

An invaluable source for those with early Connecticut ancestry, this transcription of the original records at the Connecticut State Archives provides a nearly contempo­rary record of disputes: not only run-of-the-mill...
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