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Annals of Witchcraft in New England

$ 17.95

First published in 1869, Drake's Annals of Witchcraft outlines each instance of the "alleged operations of witches" in the United States from 1636 through 1728, showing that worries about witches...

Soldier, Engraver, Forger: Richard Brunton's Life on the Fringe in America's New Republic

$ 19.95

In this richly illustrated biography, the author follows in the footsteps of Richard Brunton, a British grenadier who fought in the American Revolution before deserting in 1779. A trained engraver...
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Art of Family Genealogical Artifacts in New England

$ 25.00$ 75.00

An indispensable resource illuminating the world of decorative arts and its relationship to family history, this book features fifteen chapters by leading authorities, including Abbott Lowell Cummings, Wendell Garrett, Maureen...

Boston Beheld: Antique Town and Country Views

$ 35.00

This volume of full-color period images of the 18th and 19th centuries reveals sweeping vistas, lively street scenes, and elegant edifices that show Boston as a youthful and vibrant town....
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$ 12.95$ 19.95

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Cambridge Cameos

$ 12.95$ 19.95

Cambridge Cameos contains forty-four sketches from the period 1651 to 1686 that combine good stories, intriguing personalities, and incidents involving mostly ordinary Cambridge people. They are based on thousands of...
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Fashionable Folks: Bonnets and Hats, 1840–1900

$ 12.95$ 19.95

Maureen Taylor, The Photo Detective explores the history of toques and top hats, bowlers, and bonnets to add another dimension to understanding your family photographs. Fanciful, frilly, and fascinating, women’s...
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From Deference to Defiance Charlestown, Massachusetts, 1629–1692

$ 15.00$ 27.95

This book recreates the lost world of 17th-century Charlestown and the lives and work of the first three generations of its townspeople. By using a variety of surviving records, Thompson...

Reminiscences & Traditions of Boston, by Hannah Mather Crocker

$ 39.95

Hannah Mather Crocker's early 19th-century work presents a unique history of Boston and its environs from the 1620s to the 1820s. A leading female writer and women's rights advocate, Crocker pays special...

Soldiers in King Philip's War

$ 29.95

Thanks to the efforts of the Civil War veteran, genealogist, historian, and Unitarian clergyman George Madison Bodge (1841–1914), historians and genealogists have a better understanding of the conflict known as...

The Fairbanks House: A History of the Oldest Timber-Frame Building in New England 2nd ed.

$ 14.95

The Fairbanks House is the oldest surviving timber frame house in New England - the best example of seventeenth century architecture still standing. Located in Dedham, Massachusetts, the house was...

The History and Antiquities of Boston, From Its Settlement in 1630 to the Year 1770

$ 29.95

Originally published in 1856, Drake's history of pre-revolutionary Boston has long been a key resource for historians. From the city's founding to its first churches; natural disasters to outbreaks; witchcraft...

Early New England Families, 1641-1700: Volume 1 (paperback)

$ 32.95

This compilation presents the first fifty sketches written for the Early New England Families Study Project. The project, under the direction of Alicia Crane Williams, was created to fill the need for accurate and...
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