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Strangers No More: A Memoir – Sequel to The Stranger in My Genes

$ 29.95

In his 2016 best-seller, The Stranger in My Genes: A Memoir, Bill Griffeth told of learning that the father who raised him was not, in fact, his biological father. In...

The Lost Family: How DNA Testing Is Upending Who We Are

$ 29.95

The Lost Family delves into the many lives that have been irrevocably changed by home DNA tests—a technology that represents the end of family secrets. There are the adoptees who’ve...

The Adoptee's Guide to DNA Testing: How to Use Genetic Genealogy to Discover Your Long-Lost Family

$ 29.99

Reconnect with your roots! Adoptees, foundlings, and others with unknown parentage face unique challenges in researching their ancestors. Enter this book: a comprehensive guide to adoption genealogy that has the...

AncestryDNA Kit

$ 99.00

From discovering their ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, the largest DNA network in the world is helping more people find the singular story in their DNA. Yours is just...

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy, Second Edition

$ 29.99

New! Expanded & Updated!   Unlock the secrets in your DNA!Discover the answers to your family history mysteries using the most-cutting edge tool available to genealogists. This plain-English guide, newly...

The Stranger in My Genes: A Memoir

$ 29.95

Bill Griffeth, longtime genealogy buff, takes a DNA test that has an unexpected outcome: "If the results were correct, it meant that the family I had spent years documenting was...

E-book Edition of The Stranger in My Genes: A Memoir

$ 24.99

  Purchasing this product will provide EPub, PDF, and Mobi (Kindle) editions of the book. After purchase, e-book download information will be delivered by email. Bill Griffeth, longtime genealogy buff, takes...

Portable Genealogist: Using DNA in Genealogy

$ 7.95

Advances in DNA research over the last decades have had huge implications for the field of genealogy. By testing your DNA and comparing the results to a database of other...
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