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A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England (4-volume set)

$ 79.95

This important work, originally published 1860–1862, provides a wealth of source material on early New England families. A key resource for the Great Migration Study Project, this four-volume set is a crucial component...

A Guide to Massachusetts Public Records Parishes, Towns, and Counties

$ 26.95

In 1884, Carroll D. Wright was appointed to prepare a report showing the condition of the public records of the parishes, towns, and counties of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This...

All the Western States and Territories from the Alleghanies to the Pacific and from the Lakes to the Gulf

$ 39.95

Barber and Howe go west! This 1868 collaboration from American historians John Warner Barber (1798-1885) and Henry Howe (1816-1893) covers “the history from the earliest times,” including descriptions of interesting...

Annals of Witchcraft in New England

$ 17.95

First published in 1869, Drake's Annals of Witchcraft outlines each instance of the "alleged operations of witches" in the United States from 1636 through 1728, showing that worries about witches...

Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, From 1623 to 1636

$ 29.95

Originally published in 1846, Young’s compilation of two dozen contemporaneous documents depict the preparations for the settlement of Massachusetts Bay Colony, the migration process itself, and some events from the...

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, From 1602 to 1625

$ 29.95

In this 1841 publication, Young has gathered a number of lengthy documents covering the history of the Pilgrim Church in Scrooby and Leiden, the transfer of part of that congregation...

Connecticut Historical Collections

$ 32.95

American engraver and historian John Warner Barber (1798-1885) was well known for his books on local, state, and national history. This work, first published in 1857, opens with an outline...

Dictionary of American Indian Place and Proper Names in New England

$ 24.95

This dictionary is a key resource for scholars of New England Native American language, history, and culture, as well as genealogists. Experts at NEHGS have long relied on this book,...

Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire

$ 27.95

This book contains extensive biographical and genealogical information about every family who settled in Maine and New Hampshire prior to 1699. Births, mar­riages, and deaths are listed through the third...

Genealogical Notes: First Settlers of Connecticut and Massachusetts

$ 24.95

Originally published in 1856, this is an essential resource for anyone with early Connecticut and Massachusetts ancestry. It presents compiled genealogical notes for more than 40 families, through the fourth...

Historical Collections of the State of New Jersey

$ 32.95

First published in 1844, this collaboration of American historians John Warner Barber (1798-1885) and Henry Howe (1816-1893) was Howe’s second book with Barber, the first being their “history and antiquities”...

History and Antiquities of Every Town in Massachusetts

$ 29.95

American historian and engraver John Warner Barber (1798–1885) was well known for his books on local, state, and national history. This work, organized by county, gives historical background on all...
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