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American Ancestors Magazine Special Edition: 2020--Your Guide to the Mayflower 400th Anniversary

$ 6.95

This special commemorative issue of American Ancestors magazine focuses on the history, relevance, and impact of the Mayflower and its passengers. Drawing from our extensive staff expertise, as well as from partner...

In Search of Mayflower Pilgrim Susanna White-Winslow

$ 25.99

Sue Allan’s tenacious pursuit of origins of the Mayflower passengers in England led us from Dorothy May Bradford’s family, to William White’s family in Wisbech, which in turn led to...

The Family Tree Guide to DNA Testing and Genetic Genealogy, Second Edition

$ 29.99

New! Expanded & Updated!   Unlock the secrets in your DNA!Discover the answers to your family history mysteries using the most-cutting edge tool available to genealogists. This plain-English guide, newly...

William Brewster: The Making of a Pilgrim

$ 23.99

Author and historian Sue Allan has extensively researched Brewster’s early years in Scrooby and elsewhere in England, and here presents an original and insightful view of how he developed into...

In the Shadow of Men

$ 23.99

  How has it come to pass that when retelling the story of one of the most iconic events in early colonial American history, the women involved have almost disappeared...

In Search of Governor William Bradford of Austerfield

$ 25.99

William Bradford, Mayflower passenger, was not just the long-serving and most influential Governor of the Plymouth Colony. His famous handwritten manuscript, Of Plymouth Plantation, has also preserved its history in...

In Search of Scrooby Manor

$ 23.99

Not for over a hundred years has anyone studied the history of Scrooby Manor with such care as Sue Allan now presents in her new book. Re-examining manuscripts and adding...
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Stamford Town Records: Volume 1, 1641–1723

$ 18.00$ 34.95

All genealogical research depends on authentic vital and historical records. Researchers of Stamford, Connecticut, an important New England town founded in 1641, have long depended on flawed transcriptions and abstracts...

AncestryDNA Kit

$ 99.00

From discovering their ethnicity to connecting with distant relatives, the largest DNA network in the world is helping more people find the singular story in their DNA. Yours is just...

Digging for Genealogical Treasure in New England Town Records

$ 18.95

2017 reprint of 1996 original, as part of the NEHGS Simple Print program Author: Ann Smith Lainhart     Hardcover, 220 pages Key genealogical information is hidden in obscure town hall records...
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