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William Brewster: The Making of a Pilgrim

$ 23.99

Author and historian Sue Allan has extensively researched Brewster’s early years in Scrooby and elsewhere in England, and here presents an original and insightful view of how he developed into...

Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, From 1623 to 1636

$ 29.95

Originally published in 1846, Young’s compilation of two dozen contemporaneous documents depict the preparations for the settlement of Massachusetts Bay Colony, the migration process itself, and some events from the...

In the Shadow of Men

$ 23.99

  How has it come to pass that when retelling the story of one of the most iconic events in early colonial American history, the women involved have almost disappeared...

In Search of Governor William Bradford of Austerfield

$ 25.99

William Bradford, Mayflower passenger, was not just the long-serving and most influential Governor of the Plymouth Colony. His famous handwritten manuscript, Of Plymouth Plantation, has also preserved its history in...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 68, No. 2: Summer 2020

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Brown, Brownell, Carwer, Chilton, Church, Closson, Crandall, Crawford, Delano, Doley, Fuller, Grinnell, Hemingway, Jones, Marsh, Morton, Reed, Richards, Rowley, Standish, Westgate Other features: a special editorial...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 66, No. 1: Winter 2018

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Allyn, Brewster, Davidson, Dyer, Flanders, Hurst, Lewis, Mitchell, Mullins, Rogers, Spaulding, Tilley Sources: Stoughton Mass. Marriages, 1727-1851 Other Features The result of an agreement with the...

In Search of Separatist Edward Southworth of Leiden: His Genealogical Origins Uncovered

$ 23.99

In this new work, Sue Allan presents significant research that disputes Samuel Webber’s early study of the origins of the Southworth line in America. The claim that Constant and Thomas,...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 64, No. 1: Winter 2016

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Orcutt, Shippey, Alger, Carrier Sources: Easton Vital Records Town Study: Scituate First published in 1899 by George Ernest Bowman, founder of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower...

Indian Deeds: Land Transactions in Plymouth Colony, 1620–1691

$ 29.95

First published in 2002, this important genealogical work presents over four hundred transcriptions of early deeds of interest to Mayflower , Plymouth Colony, and Native American researchers. This fully indexed...

In Search of Scrooby Manor

$ 23.99

Not for over a hundred years has anyone studied the history of Scrooby Manor with such care as Sue Allan now presents in her new book. Re-examining manuscripts and adding...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 65, No. 1: Winter 2017

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Chipman, Churchill, Collins, Drew, James, Keen, Simmons, Winslow Sources: Stoughton [Mass.] Marriages, 1727-1851 First published in 1899 by George Ernest Bowman, founder of the Massachusetts Society...

Mayflower Descendant, Volume 64, No. 2: Summer 2016

$ 25.00

In this issue: Families: Fisher, Gardner, Hall, Turner, Young Sources: Wellfleet Vital Records First published in 1899 by George Ernest Bowman, founder of the Massachusetts Society of Mayflower Descendants, which...
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