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Ancestors and Descendants of Lester Lowry Mays and Peggy Pitman

$ 49.95

By Kyle Hurst Published June 2018 9 x 12 hardcover, 144 pages, illustrated For the Mays family, all paths lead to Texas! Some branches arrived as Texas declared its independence...

Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Alfred Sands and Kate Van Volkenburgh: Enduring Relations

$ 64.95

Written by Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG, with Nancy Sands Maulsby Published by NEHGS Newbury Street Press in August 2018 8-1/4 x 10-1/4 hardcover, 184 pages, illustrated - Winner of the...

Ancestors and Descendants of William Joseph Finn

$ 69.95

Vibrant threads of ambition and persistence run through the five Finn generations detailed in this truly American story. This volume traces the line of descent from Peter Finn (ca. 1800–ca....

Ancestors of Albert James Zdenek, Sr. and Rose Marie Mildred Prince

$ 94.95

As the eldest grandchild on both sides, Albert J. Zdenek, Jr. has always been the collector of his family’s stories and memorabilia. This thoroughly researched, beautifully designed and illustrated book explores...

Ancestral Lines: 232 Families in England, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany, New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

$ 64.95

Author: Carl Boyer, 3rdPublished: January 2015 This new book is the result of fifteen more years of research since publication of the third edition in 1998. The 232 families treated, from...

Ancestry of Diana Princess of Wales

$ 34.95

Author: Richard K. Evans Published: Aug-07  

Ancestry of Micajah Stokes Stude and Lucy Agatha Binyon

$ 64.95

By Patricia Law Hatcher, FASG, FGSP, and Kelvin L. Meyers6 x 9 hardcover, 352 pages This extensively researched genealogy traces the families from Prussia and France to America. From all...

Annals of Witchcraft in New England

$ 17.95

First published in 1869, Drake's Annals of Witchcraft outlines each instance of the "alleged operations of witches" in the United States from 1636 through 1728, showing that worries about witches...

Biographies of Original Members and Qualifying Officers - Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Connecticut

$ 125.95

In May 1783, as the Revolutionary War was nearing its end, the Society of the Cincinnati was formed by its officers, some of whom had served together for as long...

Boston Beheld: Antique Town and Country Views

$ 35.00

This volume of full-color period images of the 18th and 19th centuries reveals sweeping vistas, lively street scenes, and elegant edifices that show Boston as a youthful and vibrant town....

By Faith Alone: My Family’s Epic History, Second Edition

$ 29.95

Family trees are never finished. In 2008, avid amateur genealogist Bill Griffeth published By Faith Alone, a history of his ancestors and the diverse faith traditions they brought with them to...
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