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An American Family: Four Centuries of Labor, Love, and Reward—A Story of the Davis Family

$ 54.95

By Jenifer Kahn Bakkala   Published July 2018 7 x 10 hardcover, 172 pages, illustrated A fresh approach to traditional genealogy, An American Family tells the story of the Davis...

Ancestors and Descendants of Charles Le Caron and Victoire Sprague

$ 64.95

Winner of the 2020 National Genealogical Society Award for Excellence in the Genealogy and Family History category. The award recognizes a family history book that fosters scholarship and promotes excellence...

Ancestors and Descendants of DANIEL GOODWIN of Kittery, Maine — with Allied Lines

$ 69.95

The surname Goodwin, meaning “God’s friend,” originated in medieval times in England. Thomas Putman Goodwin’s ancestors were spirited risk-takers: early planters, seafarers, fishermen, and entrepreneurs. Their story is one of...

Ancestors and Descendants of Lawrence Albert Waite and Hilda Marie Slaiger of North Attleborough, Massachusetts, with Allied Families, Immigrant Ancestors to America, and Royal Lineages

$ 54.95

By Judith Waite Freeman with Christopher C. Child and Nancy G. Bernard  Published March 2019 9 x 12 hardcover, 336 pages, illustrated Weights and Caprons from England, Schleichers from Germany, and Curtises from Irelandall settled in Attleborough--a Bristol County, Massachusetts, town on the Rhode Island border....

Ancestors and Descendants of Lester Lowry Mays and Peggy Pitman

$ 49.95

By Kyle Hurst Published June 2018 9 x 12 hardcover, 144 pages, illustrated For the Mays family, all paths lead to Texas! Some branches arrived as Texas declared its independence...

Ancestors and Descendants of Robert Alfred Sands and Kate Van Volkenburgh: Enduring Relations

$ 64.95

Written by Henry B. Hoff, CG, FASG, with Nancy Sands Maulsby Published by NEHGS Newbury Street Press in August 2018 8-1/4 x 10-1/4 hardcover, 184 pages, illustrated - Winner of the...

Ancestors and Descendants of William Joseph Finn

$ 69.95

Vibrant threads of ambition and persistence run through the five Finn generations detailed in this truly American story. This volume traces the line of descent from Peter Finn (ca. 1800–ca....

Ancestors of Albert James Zdenek, Sr. and Rose Marie Mildred Prince

$ 94.95

As the eldest grandchild on both sides, Albert J. Zdenek, Jr. has always been the collector of his family’s stories and memorabilia. This thoroughly researched, beautifully designed and illustrated book explores...

Ancestors of Thomas Trowbridge & Delinda Ratcliff Bryan

$ 109.95

This extensive volume covers the direct ancestral lines of Thomas’s and Delinda’s grandparents. The four paternal families left England for New England and New York. Meanwhile, the four maternal families...

Ancestral Lines of Iain W. F. Shepherd and Helen Waugh (Gray) Shepherd – Journeys in Time

$ 74.95

Ancestral Lines of Iain W. F. Shepherd and Helen Waugh (Gray) Shepherd – Journeys in Time is a combination of outstanding research and beautiful presentation. The book explores the lives of multiple generations of the...

Ancestral Lines: 232 Families in England, Wales, the Netherlands, Germany, New England, New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania

$ 64.95

Author: Carl Boyer, 3rdPublished: January 2015 This new book is the result of fifteen more years of research since publication of the third edition in 1998. The 232 families treated, from...

Ancestry of Diana Princess of Wales

$ 34.95

Author: Richard K. Evans Published: Aug-07  
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