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Ancestry of Micajah Stokes Stude and Lucy Agatha Binyon

$ 64.95

By Patricia Law Hatcher, FASG, FGSP, and Kelvin L. Meyers6 x 9 hardcover, 352 pages This extensively researched genealogy traces the families from Prussia and France to America. From all...

Annals of Witchcraft in New England

$ 17.95

First published in 1869, Drake's Annals of Witchcraft outlines each instance of the "alleged operations of witches" in the United States from 1636 through 1728, showing that worries about witches...

Biographies of Original Members and Qualifying Officers - Society of the Cincinnati in the State of Connecticut

$ 125.95

Winner of the 2023 Connecticut Society of Genealogist’s Literary Awards (Genealogical Resource Category) In May 1783, as the Revolutionary War was nearing its end, the Society of the Cincinnati was formed...

Boston Beheld: Antique Town and Country Views

$ 35.00

This volume of full-color period images of the 18th and 19th centuries reveals sweeping vistas, lively street scenes, and elegant edifices that show Boston as a youthful and vibrant town....

By Faith Alone: My Family’s Epic History, Second Edition

$ 29.95

Family trees are never finished. In 2008, avid amateur genealogist Bill Griffeth published By Faith Alone, a history of his ancestors and the diverse faith traditions they brought with them to...

Chronicles of the First Planters of the Colony of Massachusetts Bay, From 1623 to 1636

$ 29.95

Originally published in 1846, Young’s compilation of two dozen contemporaneous documents depict the preparations for the settlement of Massachusetts Bay Colony, the migration process itself, and some events from the...

Chronicles of the Pilgrim Fathers of the Colony of Plymouth, From 1602 to 1625

$ 29.95

In this 1841 publication, Young has gathered a number of lengthy documents covering the history of the Pilgrim Church in Scrooby and Leiden, the transfer of part of that congregation...

Colonial American Doctresses: A Genealogical and Biographical Account of Women who Practiced Medicine and Chirurgery in Colonial America

$ 18.95

2017 reprint of 2003 original, as part of the NEHGS Simple Print program Author: Ethel Farrington Smith Hardcover, 157 pages Biographical information on New England women in medicine during the...

Colony of Connecticut Minutes of the Court of Assistants, 1669–1711 (Softcover)

$ 24.95

An invaluable source for those with early Connecticut ancestry, this transcription of the original records at the Connecticut State Archives provides a nearly contempo­rary record of disputes: not only run-of-the-mill...

Connecticut Historical Collections

$ 32.95

American engraver and historian John Warner Barber (1798-1885) was well known for his books on local, state, and national history. This work, first published in 1857, opens with an outline...

Descendants of David Melvill of Boston, Massachusetts and Newport, Rhode Island

$ 44.95

Including Notes on the Vinson Families of Newport David Melvill, who came from Glasgow, Scotland, was living in Yarmouth on Cape Cod in the 1680s. He married Mary, the daughter of Rev....
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