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Portable Genealogist: Applying to Lineage Societies

$ 6.95

A lineage or hereditary society is a member-based group that is organized around a common ancestor or ancestors of historical importance. For example, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants is...

Portable Genealogist: Immigration to the U.S.

$ 7.95

Since the 1600s, people have immigrated to America to escape religious or social persecution, claim a better life, or seek adventure. No matter the reason or time period, finding your...

Portable Genealogist: Massachusetts State Census

$ 7.95

Massachusetts researchers are fortunate to have so many early resources for genealogical and historical research. One source that is often overlooked, however, is the 1855 and 1865 Massachusetts state census....

Portable Genealogist: New York State Census

$ 7.95

New York is a crossroads for many of our ancestors. Some families may have been in New York State for less than a generation on their way farther west, whereas...

Portable Genealogist: Rhode Island State Census

$ 7.95

This PG shows you how to advance genealogical research into Rhode Island ancestors using the information from the state census, which was first taken as early as 1742 and as...

Portable Genealogist: U.S. Naturalization

$ 7.95

Since the seventeenth century, new arrivals to America have been expected to show their allegiance to their new land. Over time, that expectation has developed into the naturalization process of...

Portable Genealogist: Using Catholic Records

$ 7.95

This indispensable guide helps you get the most out of sacramental records, such as the Boston Archdiocese parish records now available at Also includes how to locate and access...

Portable Genealogist: Using the Federal Census: 1790-1840

$ 7.95

Author: Lindsay Fulton Providing only the name of the head of household, the 1790–1840 censuses are often overlooked by researchers because they lack the names of the other household residents. Nevertheless,...

Portable Genealogist: Using the Federal Census: 1850-1950

$ 7.95

The 1850 census marks the first time every person in the household was enumerated by name. It also recorded such factors as immigration, education, income, and ethnicity, providing researchers with in depth information about ancestors. This updated guide provides background on the 1850–1950 U.S. Federal Census tabulation process, explains the difference between "census day" and "enumeration day," tells which records survive, lists the enumeration questions (by year), and provides general information about federal non-population schedules. The four-page laminated guide can fit easily in your research binder.  By Lindsay Fulton
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