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Memorial of the Thayer name, from the Massachusetts colony of Weymouth and Braintree.

$ 20.00

Condition: Good ; Hardcover; 708 Pages; Published: 1874 reprint; Cover worn, edges bumpedBezaleel Thayer; Intro by Willard F. Rockwell Jr.

Planning a Future for Your Family’s Past, Second Edition: How to organize your genealogy, curate your collection, and keep family history safe for the future

$ 11.99

Old family photos, ancestor stories, genealogical documents, and heirlooms reflect your family’s past—and they should be safeguarded for tomorrow’s descendants and researchers. Even if you have no obvious heirs for...

Portable Genealogist Compilation: Research

$ 26.95

This easy-to-use compilation includes ten guides to help with researching: Organizing Your Research, Problem Solving in Irish Research, Seventeenth-Century New England Research, Using DNA in Genealogy, African American Resources, Cemetery...

Research Services Expert Assessment Gift

$ 100.00

Give the gift of an Expert Assessment this year! Senior members of the Research Services team review your project, complete preliminary research on their own, and produce a detailed strategy...

Researching Black Patriots and Loyalists During the Revolutionary Era

$ 10.00

The American War of Independence was not only a fight for freedom from a tyrannical world superpower. For an estimated 9,000 Black soldiers who fought for the patriot cause and...

The Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania

$ 12.00

Condition: Very Good ; Hardcover; 273 Pages; Published: 1981Wayland F. Dunaway

Various ancestral lines of James Goodwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut

$ 15.00

Condition: Very Good ; Hardcover; 481 Pages; Photoduplication of 1915 original compiled by Frank Farnsworth Starr for James J. Goodwin

Webinar Handout: Creating A Plan For Cluster Research

$ 10.00

Created by American Ancestors Director of Research Services Lindsay FultonPublished: May 2020PDF Download, 7 pages Hit a brick wall in your research? Cluster research is a method that broadens the...

Webinar Syllabus: Anniversary of the Four Courts Fire in Dublin

$ 10.00

  Centuries of Irish history were lost as a result of the Four Courts Fire in Dublin in 1922. Senior Genealogist Rhonda R. McClure will delve into the history leading...

Webinar Syllabus: Applying to Revolutionary War Lineage Societies

$ 10.00

 With the 250th anniversary of the Revolutionary War fast approaching, you may be interested in documenting your family connection to an American patriot and applying to a lineage society. In...
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