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Portable Genealogist Compilation: Research

$ 26.95

This easy-to-use compilation includes ten guides to help with researching: Organizing Your Research, Problem Solving in Irish Research, Seventeenth-Century New England Research, Using DNA in Genealogy, African American Resources, Cemetery...

Research Services Expert Assessment Gift

$ 100.00

Give the gift of an Expert Assessment this year! Senior members of the Research Services team review your project, complete preliminary research on their own, and produce a detailed strategy...

Researching Black Patriots and Loyalists During the Revolutionary Era

$ 10.00

The American War of Independence was not only a fight for freedom from a tyrannical world superpower. For an estimated 9,000 Black soldiers who fought for the patriot cause and...

The Scotch-Irish of Colonial Pennsylvania

$ 12.00

Condition: Very Good ; Hardcover; 273 Pages; Published: 1981Wayland F. Dunaway

Various ancestral lines of James Goodwin and Lucy (Morgan) Goodwin of Hartford, Connecticut

$ 15.00

Condition: Very Good ; Hardcover; 481 Pages; Photoduplication of 1915 original compiled by Frank Farnsworth Starr for James J. Goodwin

Webinar Handout: Creating A Plan For Cluster Research

$ 10.00

Created by American Ancestors Director of Research Services Lindsay FultonPublished: May 2020PDF Download, 7 pages Hit a brick wall in your research? Cluster research is a method that broadens the...
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