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Committee on Heraldry: Record Modern and Assumed Arms

$ 50.00

Since 1933, the Committee has also recorded coats of arms which are not eligible for inclusion in the Roll of Arms. At that time, the Committee began recording assumed arms—that is,...

Committee on Heraldry: Register Arms in the Roll of Arms

$ 50.00

Arms eligible for inclusion in the Roll of Arms include arms of any settler in the colonies, or in the United States, who possessed arms rightfully borne in his or her mother country, which arms...

Exiled, The Story of John Lathrop 1584-1653

$ 8.00

Condition: Good ; Hardcover; 236 Pages; Published: 1987; Dust jacket has tear; signed by author Helene Holt

General Society of Colonial Wars Lineage Chart

$ 400.00

Commemorate the colonial service of your ancestor with a customized General Society of Colonial Wars lineage chart designed by American Ancestors and New England Historic Genealogical Society. Each personalized chart...

History of New Netherland, or, New York under the Dutch, Volume Two

$ 20.00

Condition: Very Good ; Hardcover; 608 Pages; Reprint of 1848 original publicationE. B. O'Callaghan

Massachusetts Officers and Soldiers in the French and Indian Wars 1755-1756

$ 25.00

Condition: Very Good ; Softbound; 282 Pages; Published: 1985Edited by K. David Goss and David Zarowin

Massachusetts Officers in the French and Indian Wars 1748-1763

$ 25.00

Condition: Good ; Softbound; 369 Pages; Published: 1975; Average useEdited by Nancy S. Voye

Memorial of the Thayer name, from the Massachusetts colony of Weymouth and Braintree.

$ 20.00

Condition: Good ; Hardcover; 708 Pages; Published: 1874 reprint; Cover worn, edges bumpedBezaleel Thayer; Intro by Willard F. Rockwell Jr.

Planning a Future for Your Family’s Past, Second Edition: How to organize your genealogy, curate your collection, and keep family history safe for the future

$ 11.99

Old family photos, ancestor stories, genealogical documents, and heirlooms reflect your family’s past—and they should be safeguarded for tomorrow’s descendants and researchers. Even if you have no obvious heirs for...
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