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Many family historians’ genealogical journey takes them to Pennsylvania. Since its founding, Pennsylvania has seen countless waves immigrants settle within its borders. Luckily, there are many published resources that can assist in our research. In this online lecture, Genealogist Ann Lawthers shares her go-to Pennsylvania-based resources within five categories: History, Immigration, Record Compilations, Genealogies, and Land. Learn about essential published sources that help trace Pennsylvanian ancestors through time and place.

This syllabus is intended to accompany our online lecture Pennsylvania Genealogy: Go-To Published Resources (archived recording as of 4/6/23: https://americanancestors.org/video-library). It includes a reference for all resources mentioned in the session, plus links to many others.

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Created by Ann Lawthers

Published: April 2023

PDF Download, 14 pages

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