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Slavery in New England played a significant role in the region's early history. Cities like Boston and Newport were important ports for the transatlantic slave trade, with ships bringing enslaved Africans to be sold throughout the colonies. And while slavery had largely disappeared in New England by the early 19th century, the legacy of this institution had a lasting impact on the region's economic and social development. Danielle Rose, 10 Million Names Volunteer Coordinator, provides a brief history of slavery and emancipation in New England, what records exist that detail the names and stories of these enslaved Africans, and strategies to help work through common research hurdles.

This syllabus is intended to accompany our online lecture Finding Enslaved African American Ancestors in New England (archived recording as of 2/1/24: https://americanancestors.org/video-library). It includes a reference for all resources mentioned in the session, plus links to many others.

Created by Danielle Rose

Published: February 2024

PDF Download, 10 pages

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