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Most famously, people used the Underground Railroad to escape the bonds of slavery, but other enslaved people turned to legal channels through “freedom suits,” or paid for self-manumission. Join 10 Million Names Volunteer Coordinator Danielle Rose to learn about the many invaluable collections of historical records that provide accounts (sometimes firsthand) of formerly enslaved individuals. Danielle will also provide case studies that demonstrate how to trace an individual’s path to freedom and discuss the work of the 10 Million Names Project.

This syllabus is intended to accompany our online lecture Paths to Freedom: Tracing Enslaved Ancestors to Emancipation (archived recording as of 6/6/24: https://americanancestors.org/video-library). It includes a reference for all resources mentioned in the session, plus links to many others.

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Created by Danielle Rose
Published: June 2024
PDF Download, 11 pages

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