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If you’ve ever stopped into a Scottish goods store, you may have been given the impression that finding your Scottish clan or tartan is as simple as finding your surname on a long list of options, and picking out the corresponding kilt, crest, or other merchandise proudly displaying your clan name. If only it were so easy! In reality, only about 20% of Scottish surnames have a clan connection, and it can be very difficult to trace those connections. Join expert Kim Mannisto as she discusses the historical context of clan and tartan research, key terms, strategies, and resources for researching your clan connection.

This syllabus is intended to accompany our online lecture The Truth of Tracing Tartans: Scottish Clan Research (archived recording as of 4/4/24: https://americanancestors.org/video-library). It includes a reference for all resources mentioned in the session, plus links to many others.

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Created by Kimberly Mannisto

Published: April 2024

PDF Download, 16 pages

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