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Portable Genealogist: Applying to Lineage Societies

$ 6.95

A lineage or hereditary society is a member-based group that is organized around a common ancestor or ancestors of historical importance. For example, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants is...

Portable Genealogist: Building a Genealogical Sketch

$ 7.95

If you're ready to turn your family history research into a publication, this Portable Genealogist will help you assemble the basic elements of a genealogical "sketch" and go over the elements of...

Portable Genealogist: Compiling a Bibliography

$ 7.95

This Portable Genealogist will show you how to compile a bibliography when writing your family history. Numerous examples will cover books, articles, manuscripts, vital records, online sources, and more! The four-page laminated guide...

Portable Genealogist: Editorial Stylesheet

$ 7.95

When presenting your genealogical information, it’s important to be consistent in how you present your research, refer to certain places and people, and implement your overall style. This Portable Genealogist...

Portable Genealogist: Genealogical Numbering

$ 7.95

Genealogical writing uses a variety of numbering systems to help organize material and make your research findings accessible to the reader. Whether you are numbering sketches based on descendancy or...

Portable Genealogist: Indexing

$ 7.95

An index is essential in a family history book; your reader should be able, at a minimum, to look up every person mentioned in the book. This Portable Genealogist will...

Portable Genealogist: Reference Notes

$ 7.95

Citations—notes that tell your readers the sources of your information—are an important part of every genealogy and family history, regardless of whether you think your primary audience will be family...
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