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Created by American Ancestors Genealogist Eileen Pironti
Published: October 2020
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Historical bank records are an overlooked resource for family historians. When they survive, these records can provide information about an ancestor’s residence, occupation, family relationships, and even immigrant origins. And don’t assume that your ancestor was too poor to have had a bank account! Savings banks were established with those very individuals in mind. In this webinar, Genealogist Eileen Pironti presents a brief history of savings banks in the United States, how to locate these records, and what information is provided. She will focus on examples from the Emigrant Savings Bank, Freedman’s Savings and Trust, and Provident Institution for Savings.

This syllabus is intended to accompany our webinar “Using Bank Records in Family History Research” (archived recording: https://www.americanancestors.org/education/learning-resources/watch).

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