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E-book Edition of Guide to Genealogical Writing

$ 15.99

Print edition available here Purchasing this product will provide EPub and Mobi (Kindle) editions of the book. After purchase, e-book download information will be delivered by email. Whether you are new to...

Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire

$ 24.95

Originally published in 1908, Pioneers of Maine and New Hampshire is a solidly researched precursor to the Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire . Author Charles Henry Pope relied...

A Guide to Massachusetts Public Records Parishes, Towns, and Counties

$ 26.95

In 1884, Carroll D. Wright was appointed to prepare a report showing the condition of the public records of the parishes, towns, and counties of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This...

Portable Genealogist: Additional Abbreviations and Acronyms

$ 7.95

A companion to Essential Abbreviations and Acronyms, this guide covers more specialized categories, such as Latin terms, legal terms, and terms related to genetic genealogy and Quaker and census records....

The Great Migration Newsletter, Volumes 21-25

$ 14.95

Under the leadership of Robert Charles Anderson, the Great Migration Study Project aims to compile authoritative genealogical and biographical accounts of every person who settled in New England between 1620...

Portable Genealogist: Applying to Lineage Societies

$ 6.95

A lineage or hereditary society is a member-based group that is organized around a common ancestor or ancestors of historical importance. For example, the General Society of Mayflower Descendants is...

Portable Genealogist: Pennsylvania Research

$ 7.95

Learn about print and electronic resources covering various groups who settled Pennsylvania: Mennonite, Quaker, Scots Irish, Dutch, and settlers from other European countries and elsewhere in the United States. The...

E-book Edition of The Stranger in My Genes: A Memoir

$ 24.99

  Purchasing this product will provide EPub, PDF, and Mobi (Kindle) editions of the book. After purchase, e-book download information will be delivered by email. Bill Griffeth, longtime genealogy buff, takes...

The Original Lists of Persons of Quality, 1600 to 1700

$ 27.95

Published more than 125 years ago, this important resource compiles documents listing seventeenth-century English immigrants to New England, the Chesapeake, and the Caribbean. It remains an invaluable resource for anyone...

Western Massachusetts Families in 1790, Volume 2

$ 32.95

The next seventy-five sketches in the Western Massachusetts Families in 1790 Study Project. This volume includes entries for the following surnames: Apthorp ● Bailey ● Barrit ● Bartlett ● Bowen ●...

Portable Genealogist: U.S. Naturalization

$ 7.95

Since the seventeenth century, new arrivals to America have been expected to show their allegiance to their new land. Over time, that expectation has developed into the naturalization process of...

Webinar Syllabus: Virginia Genealogy: Go-To Published Resources

$ 10.00

Virginia was not only the largest and most populous of the American colonies, but its population was also highly migratory within Virginia’s borders and beyond. Little wonder then that so...
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