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Genealogical Dictionary of Maine and New Hampshire

$ 27.95

This book contains extensive biographical and genealogical information about every family who settled in Maine and New Hampshire prior to 1699. Births, mar­riages, and deaths are listed through the third...

E-book Edition of The Great Migration Directory: Immigrants to New England, 1620-1640

$ 54.99

Purchasing this product will provide EPub and Mobi (Kindle) editions of the book. After purchase, e-book download information will be delivered by email. One of the most important genealogical and historical...

Portable Genealogist: Organizing Your Research

$ 7.95

No matter how monumental the task of organizing your research may seem, a systematic method saves valuable time and creates more accurate work. This Portable Genealogist offers practical advice on...

Portable Genealogist: Verifying Your Mayflower Lineage

$ 7.95

Simple steps and expert tips for researching Mayflower ancestors.  By Lindsay Fulton and Christopher C. Child, NEHGS Experts Published by NEHGS in April 2020 8 ½ x 11 laminated, 4 pages

Portable Genealogist: Reference Notes

$ 7.95

Citations—notes that tell your readers the sources of your information—are an important part of every genealogy and family history, regardless of whether you think your primary audience will be family...

Portable Genealogist: Building a Genealogical Sketch

$ 7.95

If you're ready to turn your family history research into a publication, this Portable Genealogist will help you assemble the basic elements of a genealogical "sketch" and go over the elements of...

Connecticut Historical Collections

$ 32.95

American engraver and historian John Warner Barber (1798-1885) was well known for his books on local, state, and national history. This work, first published in 1857, opens with an outline...

Portable Genealogist: Using the Federal Census: 1790-1840

$ 7.95

Author: Lindsay Fulton Providing only the name of the head of household, the 1790–1840 censuses are often overlooked by researchers because they lack the names of the other household residents. Nevertheless,...

Portable Genealogist: Seventeenth-Century New England Research

$ 7.95

Prior to 1700, the European population of New England was still sufficiently small and compact enough to be manageable from a genealogical standpoint. In many cases, town vital records, church,...

Portable Genealogist: Using the Federal Census: 1850-1950

$ 7.95

The 1850 census marks the first time every person in the household was enumerated by name. It also recorded such factors as immigration, education, income, and ethnicity, providing researchers with in depth information about ancestors. This updated guide provides background on the 1850–1950 U.S. Federal Census tabulation process, explains the difference between "census day" and "enumeration day," tells which records survive, lists the enumeration questions (by year), and provides general information about federal non-population schedules. The four-page laminated guide can fit easily in your research binder.  By Lindsay Fulton

Soldiers in King Philip's War

$ 29.95

Thanks to the efforts of the Civil War veteran, genealogist, historian, and Unitarian clergyman George Madison Bodge (1841–1914), historians and genealogists have a better understanding of the conflict known as...

The Expansion of New England The Spread of New England Settlement and Institutions to the Mississippi River, 1620–1865

$ 17.95

Originally published in 1909, this history of westward expansion provides an important context and framework for anyone researching their early New England and pioneer ancestors. Topics include the socio-economic and...
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