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Created by Stephanie Call, Associate Director of Archives and Education at Wyner Family Heritage Center at NEHGS
Published: December 2020
PDF Download, 12 pages

The oral tradition of a family is perhaps just as important as the evidence you find in document-based research. Even if you learn that not all of the details are 100% accurate, these stories provide important clues to begin—or continue—your research, give life to names and dates on a page, and may provide information not found in records. But how do you start the conversation, stay on track, and record the information provided? This webinar will offer some valuable tips and techniques for interviewing relatives—and suggest strategies for encouraging family to talk!

This syllabus is intended to accompany our webinar “Finding the Living: Doing Descendancy Research” (archived recording: https://www.americanancestors.org/education/learning-resources/watch). It includes all of the key information covered in the session, plus additional references, templates, and suggested questions.

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